CNC Lathe automation- Mechanical Arm

In order to improve industrial competitiveness, Shenyang has introduced mechanical arm into produce line. We have 8 sets CNC lathe machines in our factory and fully automatic mass production with feeding system. Now, we complete 70% automatic production by the mechanical arm.

After exact setting, the mechanical arm which equipped in Shenyang can operate three lathes at the same time. Product can be replenished and checked by one person. Comparing with labors, the produce efficiency of mechanical arm is more than twice.

Furthermore, exhaustion caused by repeat actions for long time can possibly make accident or mistake. However, the mechanical arm can put the material precisely and work for long time without rest.There is also an emergency button. If something occurs, the person can stop the mechanical arm in time to ensure safety.

In the future, plastic injection, defect inspection, and stamping will gradually step towards automatic production. Shenyang will continue moving towards the goal of automated factory.